Charlie Charlie Challenge Pro

Charlie Charlie Challenge ProCharlie, Charlie solves all your problems making a decision. Just ask Charlie any Yes or No question and he will tell you the way to go!

Some people say Charlie is a Mexican demon, perhaps with Mayan or Aztec roots. Some people say that Charlie was a little boy that took his own life. Charlie now listens to you and wants to play. If you ask him “Charlie, charlie, can you play?” he will answer through this game!

Will you be creeped out by Charlie’s scary game? Download now and find out.

Find out what the Charlie Charlie Challenge is all about. Just talk to the app and see if Charlie responds.

This app works completely by voice. Just ask your questions and Charlie may or may not respond. Try speaking louder, but don’t make Charlie angry!

For the best effect, turn up your volume and play in the dark …
* You don’t need to tap to record, just speak *
* The creepiest version on the Play Store *
* More updates coming! Get it now *

Note: This game application is for amusement purposes only.

Get it for Android here!