Interdimensional Travel While Impaired

Every major decision creates a new world for every possible outcome. Sarah, a comic shop employee, discovers that she has never made a large enough decision to create a world of its own. With her best friend, an interdimensional traveler, and a strange government agent, Sarah sets out to change the world she lives in. While attempting to stop the Illuminati from removing decision making from the citizens of earth, they uncover a much larger plot to eliminate all of the other worlds and reset reality.

Just reading this blurb has caused a world to be spawned where you purchased this book. Do you want your alternative self to have all the joy of reading it?


Interdimensional Travel Whilel Impaired Book Cover

Society of the Stake & Cross

A workbook for cartographers of fantasy worlds. Learn how to design and create fantasy maps for use in RPGs, book design or just for fun. This is a beginners workbook for fantasy map making.

Instructions and starter guide provided with tons of pages for practicing map drawing techniques. With this book, a pencil and a sharpener, you will be well on your way to creating many fantasy worlds, cities and dungeons.

If you are interested in creating fun maps of imagined worlds, this book will help you.

Perfect gift for an artistic child, a stressed out teen or a worried adult. Relax as you draw new worlds and imagine new places. Great for meditating and relaxing.


The Society of the Stake & Cross Book Cover

The Psi.P.O.

Malcolm Joffrey always wanted to be the founder of a tech company. He had been with startups before, but nothing prepared him for when the cybersecurity startup he co-founded skyrocketed due to an unexpected side project by his team.

Suddenly everyone around him seemed to be questioning their life choices, and believing in things that Malcolm knows don’t exist.

Can Malcolm keep his team together and fulfill his dream or does he have to leave his own goals behind to support his staff?

A story that will keep you entertained and maybe even question some of your own ideas about what life is all about.


The Psi.P.O. Book Cover